Getting Started

I have been contemplating writing a blog for quite some time, but never got the ball rolling.  So, this year I have decided to make it happen and see where it takes us.

First, please allow me to tell you more about myself, my background, education, and most importantly, my life and professional experiences. I have an opinion about pretty much everything, so this blog will most likely contain a broad scope of topics and thought processes.  But, like my Father always said, “Opinions are like noses - everybody has one.”  

I was born and raised in Mississippi.  That, in itself, tends to make you a conservative from a political point of view.  However, I hope to stay away from politics as much as possible, except when it affects insurance and finance. I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1972 with a degree in Accountancy. My work experience consists of two years with Proctor and Gamble followed by twelve years in a family-owned construction and agricultural equipment manufacturing business.  I worked in every area from marketing to president of the company. 

In 1987, I entered the life and health insurance industry and learned as much as I could along the way. I began as an agent, worked my way to general agent, followed by president and CEO. During this time, we formed a third-party administrator and later a life and health insurance company. Currently, our organization owns seven insurance companies (four domestic and three foreign), three third-party administrators, and several agencies, general agencies, brokerage operations, and more.

I share this, not to brag, but to show you how I have been blessed with a very extensive background in our industry. This experience should give me a good basis from which to express my opinions and advice.

Our discussions will be wide-ranging and hopefully helpful to people who are looking to advance in the insurance industry or grow the business they have now. If you have questions, I will attempt to answer them and provide guidance. But always remember, most advice you don’t pay for is worth as much as you paid for it.

If this is interesting to you on any level, I invite you join me as I strive to create a new informative and enlightening blog with a focus on the life and health insurance industry. 

David White

CEO of Morgan White Group

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